Why Use Artificial Grass?

Many people ask us at Hawaiifish Landscaping about the use of artificial grass. Some people think using fake grass is not as good as real grass. There is a divide in the community weather it is good or bad. As landscapers and environment lovers we prefer the use of roll on grass to create a stunning yard however we also appreciate the endless benefits of using synthetic grass. For example, if you have roll on turf in your yard there are a lot of overheads involved such as, water costs, fertilizer, weed control, lawn mowing etc. These costs can escalate quite quickly and the yearly bill can be very expensive. However, if you are using artificial grass in you can avoid all these costs while having the choice of grass which compliments your house. This is mostly true in areas where the climate is hot and dry. Places like San Diego, Hawaii, Perth WA and Cairns the demand for fake grass is very high. For artificial grass Perth there are many houses with busy people and busy lifestyles therefore having a lawn that requires no maintenance is a massive plus for some people. In places like Hawaii where there can be long droughts some locals like the easy of fake grass to free up their time to do more important things like surfing. Maintaining fake grass can save a lot of time compared to regular grass. As you don’t have to water it everyday there is a lot of other things you can do. We all appreciate having more time on our hands so this is one way to make sure we can do the things we want. Imagine being able to cut one time consuming job from your daily routine how much that would make you happy. With the technology involved in making artificial grass it will last years with very little maintenance. Check out the lawn mowing Baldivis Facebook page for more details.

The Benefit of Raised Garden Beds

A lot of people want the best looking backyard to impress visitors and family. The key to having beautiful landscaping in your backyard is to put in raised garden beds. Why? Raised garden beds bring your yard and garden to life and not only are they beautiful to look at but they are practical too. They can offer visual beauty and provide your family with delicious nutritious food which is much better than any supermarket. There are several types of raised garden beds and you can see they are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain. The main types of raised gardRaised Garden Bed Perthen beds are:

  • Brick
  • Pallet
  • Wood
  • Corrugated Iron

If your the DIY type you could go to Bunnings and buy some materials or another solution is to search local companies to get raised garden beds installed.

The main benefits of having your plants raised are the roots can grow deeper into the soil. Also your plants are protected from predators and they are higher to reach which reduces back strain. So compared to normal gardens it makes sense to invest a little money and have a safe place for your veges to grow. Any veges will grow well in this environment as long as they have the correct sunlight and water to help them thrive. Soil selection is also important as you need to make sure plants have the correct nutrients to succeed in their life. It’s good to have some herbs in your garden as they can act as a repellant to pests. Why would you want to risk all the time and effort involved with making a beautiful garden if it’s going to be destroyed by pests.

Ideally most people would like to have a beautiful garden which provides for the family. It makes more sense to have a garden around the outside of your yard so you can still enjoy the rest of your yard for pleasure and fun!

Landscaping Made Easy

Everyone wants to have a nice looking yard but how to achieve successful results can be time consuming and confusing. Many people can’t afford the costs involved with hiring a landscaping company. Due to the mining boom in Perth a lot of trades people charge more than other parts of Australia driving the price up for jobs such as landscaping. Most people find it difficult to create a stunning landscape in their own yard due to inexperience with designing and creating areas of their yard which compliment each other. If you fall into that category it may be good to hire professionals like Lawn Mowing Baldivis to provide an expert opinion which could save you a lot of time. But if you fall into the DIY category here are some great tips to make landscaping easy!

yard renovation in perth

  • Make sure you have good reticulation
  • Make sure drainage is good
  • Plant native plants
  • Build up garden beds
  • Keep it simple!

Reticulation: It’s important to have a good reticulation set up where you have the watering of your garden automated. If you don’t have a job/kids/life then we could understand you having the free time to water the garden everyday but like most of us this is a chore we simply don’t have the time to do. Setting up a complicated reticulation system can be very difficult for the average person however there are ways to make reticulation easy. Check out Reticulation Perth for more information.

Drainage: Having reticulation set up is a great start for your landscaping project but to avoid water puddling in areas we don’t want drainage is necessary. Drainage doesn’t have to be too complicated we just need to look at areas which need help to reduce puddling. If necessary creating a moat around garden beds can help.

Native Plants: Having native plants in the garden will make the difference between an average looking yard and an amazing one! Native plants are the way to go because they look great and can be fairly inexpensive. If your looking to sell your property soon choose mature plants otherwise save a bit of money and get smaller ones.

Garden Beds: To create a bold landscape, gardens should be raised up to bring you garden to life. Having the garden bed higher brings it closer to eye level and makes it stand out. A simple way to do this is to buy rail sleepers and lay them on their side and build up the garden with soil and mulch. It doesn’t cost too much and makes a HUGE difference!

Simplicity: The final tip is to keep all landscaping simple. Don’t overdo your yard as it looks cluttered and isn’t appealing on the eye. Some of the most beautiful yards have a huge green lawn with a raised garden bed around the outside with some native plants. It saves a lot of money and is a lot more appealing overall.

Keep these tips in mind next time you want to transform your yard and remember low maintenance is the key!